Annual Medical Exams to Get


Annual Medical Exams to Get

I find it amazing how quickly time goes by and if I don't make an appointment on the calendar it just doesn't get done.  Making sure I get checked by the doctor annually is one of those things that always slips by because, heck I'm feeling great!  Well those have been the last words of many people and I'd rather have someone look me over to make sure I'm doing great.  Below you'll find some ideas that could help keep you feeling great!

General tests:

l Annual dental exam. l Hearing test. l Vision screening. l Glaucoma test. l Blood pressure annually.

l Cholesterol. l Diabetes. l Osteoporosis (bone density test). l Tuberculosis. l Colorectal cancer after age 50 annually. l Breast cancer. Mammogram every two years after age 40. l Cervical cancer. Pap test every three years. l Prostate cancer. Test annually after age 50. l Oral cancer.


l Measles-mumps-rubella if you’ve never had it, or never had measles, mumps, and rubella, you should receive at least one dose of this vaccine if: you are a woman able to become pregnant and/or were born after 1956. l Tetanus-diphtheria every ten years. l Flu shots annually over 50 or if: you have lung, heart or kidney disease, diabetes or cancer; are a health-care worker; are infected with HIV or have AIDS. l Pneumonia shot once around age 65 or if you have lung, heart or kidney disease; HIV; diabetes or cancer.

l Hepatitis B shots if you have had sex with more than one partner or with someone infected with hepatitis B; have had any other sexually transmitted disease within the last six months; have injected street drugs; have a job that involves contact with human blood or blood products; travel to areas where hepatitis B is common.